Self Storage

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Our extra wide driveways help you to park close to your unit. All our units are at ground level for easy access. The temperature-regulated units offer extra protection to your electronics and fine furniture. Our many sizes of storage can facilitate your getting the best size for the least money. Businesses appreciate our choice of units for all their storage needs. Come and see for yourself!

We offer insurance for your self-storage and temperature regulated units at a nominal cost. Conditions do apply so please contact the office if you are interested.

Prices are subject to change so please call our office to confirm this information. Thank You!


Temperature Regulated Units

Size Cost
4'x9' $55
5'x9' $60
6'x14' $80
9'x10' $90
10'x10' $95
12'x10' $105
9'x14' $115
10'x14' $125
10'x20' $175
12'x14' $135
20’x30’ $400

Self Storage Units

Size Cost
5'x7' $35
5'x10' $40
6'x12' $45
7'x10' $52
10’x7’ $52
10'x10' $70
12'x9' $75
12'x12' $80
10’x20’ $110
10’x24’ $115
12’x21’ $120
10’x24’ $125
12’x24’ $125
12’x30’ $140

Large Self Storage

Size Cost
22’x30’ $325
20’x40’ $350
29’x29’ $375
64’x65’ $875
66’x75’ $990