Boat Storage

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Shoreline's boat storage is both easy and accommodating. Our large facility makes it easy to get in and out without any hassle.

We provide outside storage, covered storage, and fully-enclosed storage, all with a price to fit your budget!

We have electrical power available on many units for charging your battery at an additional cost.

Please note that some enclosed units may not be tall enough for boats with towers.

We offer insurance for your self-storage and temperature regulated units at a nominal cost. Conditions do apply so please contact the office if you are interested.

Prices are subject to change so please call our office to confirm this information. Thank You!


Enclosed Storage

Size Cost
12'x24' $125 (boats only with no towers)
12’x27’ $135
12'x30' $140 (boats only with no towers)
12'x30' $155 (10’ 6” tall)

Covered Storage

Size Cost
12'x22' $85
12'x27' $90
12’x30’ $95
12'x36' $120
13’x36’ $120
13'x40' $130
13'x46' $135
12'x55' $135 (boats/cars only - too low for RVs/trailers)

Covered Pull Through

Size Cost
13'x36' $140
14'x50' $155 (14’ tall)

Outside Storage

Size Cost
12’x16’ $45
10’x20’ $45
12’x20’ $45
12’x24’ $45
12’x25’ $45
12’x28’ $50
12'x30' $50
12’x35’ $50
15’x24’ $50
12'x40' $60
13'x50' $60